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About Us


The primary mission and concept of operations of the company Sporting advocacy, promotion and sale of products from renowned foreign companies in collaboration with our partners.


We are exclusive agents of CityGolf Group of Croatian territory, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, which produces and raises miniature golf courses for 60 years. Over the years they have been implemented around 1700, courts around the world from America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

City Golf Group is a licensed manufacturer of miniature golf facilities by the Swedish Minigolf Federation, the sport facilities and hotels around the world recognize the City Golf brand as a long-lasting high quality product!


Identify customer needs, make an evaluation of the current situation and propose a package of products and services that will cover all the needs of customers and guests, and business building / company raised to a higher level, and thus enable greater attendance of guests and customers.


The main orientation is towards companies and businesses that wish to have additional content and something different from the existing, or offer the Croatian market exclusive products of the world!

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