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Rent a Golf

OfficeEvent-1 One of our additional activities is office and mini golf promotion or event promotion.

If you want to present your company or business do it with us. We have a Combi mini golf course that is suitable for indoor / outdoor events through which you can organize promotion of new brand, social collaborating with business partners and affiliates.

major events Mini golf rental consists of two courses. One is a standard flat surface, and the other hilly, with a retractable obstacles whic you can add or remove, and it gives you the option of choosing to play multiple holes on one primary surface which is ideal for the competition with a prize on a smaller area!

It ss an attractive visual appearance, does not occupy much space with its floating "crazy" obstacles and offers a multitude of options and extras for the game on a small surface area, which also get the effect of publicity, because you will have a unique presentation that guests will remember for a long time. In consultation with you we can organize the entire event, depending on your needs.


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