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Why invest

Reasons for investment in the mini project:

  • miniature golf is an investment that pays itself, and people coming into your office building!
  • addition to your existing facilities and services!
  • excellent alternative to the old miniature golf courses. You do not need to invest in rebuilding worn ground, but you decide for the new ones that are visually and commercially profitable!
  • attractive layout and design. The design and materials do not require special maintenance requirements allowing you further savings on the additional investment?
  • are suitable for use all year round regardless of weather conditions because they are mobile and can easily be assembled and disassembled as needed!
  • how your minigof investment returns, so the additional obstacles and paths can enrich that will allow the player a variety games and pleasure!
  • minimum cost, together with a very good profit from renting more than good reasons why the mini is very popular in the tourism industry.

  • Mini Golf is ideal for hotels, camps, private homes, spas and swimming pools, sports and recreational centers and other tourist facilities that want to have something different from each other and additional profit for the owner!

    Existing miniature golf courses in our area are made more than 20 years ago and since then no new investment or investment. They are made of concrete, the edges of metal parts and bars that have over the years due to external influences present in very poor condition.

    While all of us stagnated in the world are developing miniature golf as a sport and entertainment for all ages, especially in Scandinavia. Today, the courts are doing better than other materials resistant to external influences, are portable, which means that you can switch to another location and use throughout the year, are more modern and inventive as rezulitralo popularization mini golf in the world

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